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Mar 24, 13:30:14 SYSTEM Request User: Ruku
So I was quickly updating the 6hr ASOT1000 set from and tried moving it into the ASOT category... but it's seemingly got lost in the ether. Any chance you can find and fix it?
Mar 23, 22:02:27 SYSTEM Comment User: B&B Pure Trance Radio | Solarstone - Pure Trance Radio 324 (19-05-2022).cue
Updated the ID for track #04. Cheers!
Mar 23, 21:54:26 SYSTEM Comment User: B&B VII Radio | VII Radio 71 - Will Atkinson (Equinox Festival Live Special).cue
Updated IDs for tracks #06 and #07. Also tidied up unnecessary tracks.
Mar 22, 12:41:00 SYSTEM Comment User: chudy5d Future Sound of Egypt | Aly_&_Fila_-_Future_Sound_of_Egypt_713-320_-_2021-08-04.cue
03. The Sunclub - Fiesta (Gundamea Remix)
06. L.S.G. - Hearts (ID Remix) -> probably Gundamea, it sounds like a little tweaked Stoneface & Terminal Representation Mix