Objekt - Essential Mix (2020-06-06) [TALiON]

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Length: 120:00
Release group: TALiON
Broadcast source: BBC Radio 1

[00:00]01.Essential Mix - Intro(01:49)
[01:48]02.Lyra Pramuk - Mirror(01:55)
[03:43]03.Laughing Ears - Blue Dusk(01:25)
[05:08]04.Batu - SYX(01:55)
[07:02]05.Doctor Jeep - Snake Eyes(01:42)
[08:44]06.Miss Red - Come Again(02:41)
[11:25]07.Yilan feat. Ren - Ark(01:58)
[13:23]08.Chants vs. Quincy Jones - Diptych vs. The Verb To Be(00:36)
[13:59]09.Pearson Sound - Alien Mode(03:12)
[17:11]10.Galaxy Lane vs. Roman Flugel - Days Gone By vs. Pattern One(03:12)
[20:23]11.Orange Kush - Tremolo(02:27)
[22:50]12.Renegade Soundwave - The Phantom (It's In There)(02:05)
[24:54]13.Lenk - 444(02:19)
[27:13]14.Badsista feat. MC Morena - Soca Sem Parar (Badsista Lucy 3D Mix)(01:12)
[28:25]15.Slowdive - In Mind (Bandulu Remix (Out Mind))(02:53)
[31:19]16.Paul Damage - Passing By(03:21)
[34:40]17.K.A.B. - Anjua (Sneaky 3)(02:08)
[36:48]18.Archetype - Inhabit The Rhythm(02:10)
[38:58]19.Sun Electric - Entrance(02:08)
[41:06]20.Nothus - Konnor 3012(00:57)
[42:03]21.Rhyw - It Was All Happening(00:57)
[43:00]22.Nan Kole x DJ Tess feat. NyNy - Gimme Any Riddim(01:39)
[44:39]23.Surgeon - Floorshow, Pt. 1-3(01:48)
[46:27]24.Lhasa - Gather Like Dust(02:16)
[48:44]25.Simo Cell & Abdullah Miniawy - Locked In Syndrome(02:21)
[51:05]26.Reelle - Hybris(01:54)
[52:59]27.RAC - Doublejointed (2)(02:35)
[55:34]28.Mystic Letter K - See Her Weaving(02:13)
[57:47]29.Thee J Johanz - Bass Up(01:41)
[59:28]30.Odd Lust - Planet Is Transparent(02:24)
[61:52]31.X/319 - Effekt_03(01:48)
[63:39]32.DJ Boss - Zakruta(02:02)
[65:41]33.Lag - Znoj(00:54)
[66:35]34.Ceephax Acid Crew - Grand Marniacid(02:01)
[68:36]35.Grandmixxer & Scratcha DVA - Free Gaza (Remix)(01:33)
[70:09]36.Scorp - Atomitron(02:03)
[72:13]37.Luxus Varta - Magnetic(02:26)
[74:39]38.Al Wootton - Natural Forward(01:59)
[76:38]39.FFT - Orr Din(01:17)
[77:55]40.Pepe - Palinka Hammer(00:51)
[78:46]41.N-ter - Low(02:33)
[81:19]42.Radioactive Man - Jommtones(02:19)
[83:38]43.DJ Balani - Balani Sanga(01:29)
[85:07]44.The Criminal Minds - Change The Pace(02:17)
[87:24]45.Fast Floor - Plight Of The Innovators(02:13)
[89:36]46.luxxuryproblems - Ideal, Whirlpool, Transfer (Turbulence)(00:48)
[90:25]47.MC Jessi - AQFFE (Laza Edit)(02:15)
[92:40]48.Jonny Megabyte - Pickles & Tootsie Pops(01:56)
[94:36]49.Homemade Weapons - Svalsat (Donato Dozzy Remix)(03:04)
[97:40]50.Artilect - Mefo(02:16)
[99:56]51.Digital & Sight Unseen - Out Of Control(02:13)
[102:09]52.dgoHn - Ninnyhammer(03:16)
[105:25]53.RTR - Untitled21(02:15)
[107:39]54.Greta Wohlfahrt - Ausweichquartiere(02:02)
[109:41]55.C-Tank - Walk On Base(01:54)
[111:35]56.Lakker - Suburban Cutting(00:52)
[112:27]57.Smog - Surfectant(01:46)
[114:13]58.DJ Pacifier vs. Rhythm Device - Ready vs. Acid Rock (Acapella)(02:13)
[116:26]59.DJ Pacifier - Beginning To Breathe (Daniel Ruane Failed Reset)(01:20)
[117:47]60.Etch - Lost Orbit (Chrome Drum VIP)(02:13)

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