Rene LaVice - Drum & Bass Show (2022-03-28) (Incl. Mollie Collins DNB60) [TALiON]

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Length: 120:00
Release group: TALiON

[00:00]01.Drum & Bass Show - Intro(00:31)
[00:31]02.Futurebound feat. Dolly Rae - Fall(03:41)
[04:12]03.The Prototypes feat. B3ndu - Enter The Warrior VIP(03:32)
[07:44]04.Watch The Ride feat. Emz - READY4DEM(04:25)
[12:09]05.Hugh Hardie feat. Javeon & Phaction - Got U Wrong(02:42)
[14:51]06.Mollie Collins feat. Ruth Royall - Dance Together(03:41)
[18:32]07.Smooth feat. North Base, Dima Pulsar & MC AD - Fall Back(03:57)
[22:29]08.Logistics - Vega(03:16)
[25:45]09.Kanine - The Weapon(03:46)
[29:31]10.High Contrast - Music Is Everything (Pola & Bryson Remix) [Rene's Rinse Out](04:16)
[33:47]11.Toronto Is Broken feat. Sebotage - Circle(04:01)
[37:48]12.Grafix feat. Lauren L'aiment - Feel Alive(02:10)
[39:58]13.Culture Shock feat. Sub Focus - Recombine(00:55)
[40:53]14.MUZZ - Spectrum (Futurebound Remix)(00:32)
[41:25]15.Macky Gee - Endorphin(01:27)
[42:52]16.Night Shift feat. Doktor - No Fear(01:27)
[44:19]17.Chase & Status feat. BackRoad Gee - When It Rains(01:16)
[45:35]18.High Frequency - Harry(01:27)
[47:02]19.Lynx - Decade(02:11)
[49:13]20.Gest - Reverence(02:10)
[51:23]21.Makoto - ASCENDING(02:55)
[54:18]22.Chords - Tooley Street(05:45)
[60:03]23.Grafix feat. Lauren L'aimant - Feel Alive(01:47)
[61:50]24.Culture Shock feat. Sub Focus - Recombine(01:26)
[63:16]25.bare up - Can't Stop(01:57)
[65:13]26.Refracta - Point and Shoot(00:43)
[65:56]27.Total Recall - Venom(01:05)
[67:01]28.Simula - Macabre(01:03)
[68:04]29.DJ Fresh - Gold Dust (Bou & Used Remix)(01:16)
[69:20]30.D*Minds - Don't Try It(01:46)
[71:06]31.Joely - Rasta Finga(01:48)
[72:54]32.Crvvcks feat. Darla Jade - Colours (Origin8a & Propa Remix)(01:25)
[74:19]33.Magenta feat. FOREST ANIMAL - Wagwan(00:42)
[75:01]34.SOTA - Underbelly(01:27)
[76:28]35.Aydn & Nat James - Circuit Prayer(01:24)
[77:52]36.ELK - Tongue Tied(00:43)
[78:35]37.Filthy Habits - Threshold(00:43)
[79:18]38.Pasco - What's The Difference (Sota Remix)(01:25)
[80:43]39.Furniss - On & On(00:43)
[81:26]40.Magenta feat. COMPLEX - Another Planet(01:46)
[83:12]41.Deekline feat. Project 5 - Without You (Drum & Bass Mix)(01:04)
[84:16]42.Banzai - Tell Them(01:57)
[86:13]43.S9 - Moonglow(01:47)
[88:00]44.Screamarts - The Paradox(01:26)
[89:26]45.Agro feat. Amplify - Heads High(01:25)
[90:51]46.SOTA - Rage(00:47)
[91:38]47.Owls of Filth feat. Master Error - Mirage(01:19)
[92:57]48.Wilkinson feat. Iiola - Close Your Eyes(01:04)
[94:01]49.Teddy Killerz - Vibrate(01:04)
[95:05]50.InsideInfo feat. Levela - Creak(01:05)
[96:10]51.Particle - Drivin' Me Crazy(01:03)
[97:13]52.Joely - Come(00:22)
[97:35]53.Heist - Take The Credit(01:25)
[99:00]54.D.O.D feat. Carla Monroe - Still Sleepless (Ekko & Sidetrack Remix)(01:25)
[100:25]55.Dunk - Spy(01:09)
[101:34]56.HEXA - Street Music(00:59)
[102:33]57.GLM feat. T Man - Couple Man Tried (Disrupta Remix)(00:43)
[103:16]58.Particle feat. Molecular - Switch Hunt(01:25)
[104:41]59.Black Box - Ride On Time (Arnone & Mollie Collins Remix)(00:43)
[105:24]60.TC - Tap Ho(01:25)
[106:49]61.FISHER - Losing It (The Prototypes Remix)(01:15)
[108:04]62.ACRAZE feat. Cherish - Do It To It (A.M.C Squid Edit)(01:14)
[109:18]63.Zoro feat. Jappa & BiSH - LSD(01:05)
[110:23]64.Mollie Collins feat. Bella Penfold - Better On My Own (Levela Remix)(00:42)
[111:05]65.Majistrate - Bomba (Turno Remix)(01:25)
[112:30]66.BOU - Poison (ID Remix)(01:26)
[113:56]67.Killer Hertz - Stingray(01:25)
[115:21]68.Filthy Habits feat. Jeopardize - Here I Am(01:04)
[116:25]69.Mollie Collins feat. Benny V, Ayah Marar & Dfrnt Lvls - Be Mine(01:26)
[117:51]70.ID - ID (LoftyXXXo Remix)(02:09)

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